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Народный артист РФ, Лауреат Государственной премии, профессор, ректор Театрального института им. Б.В. Щукина
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of love. The Vasily Lanovoy and Evgeny Knyazev duo has been enchanting the public for all these years.

  Knyazev is a demanding actor. He prefers the parts that he would enjoy playing, he likes partners and directors who are interesting to work with. Having not found this in the Vakhtangov Theatre, he started working in other theatres.

  In this regard, one could mention the part of Berlioz in the eponymous play at the Theatre of Nations, as well as the parts of Sevostyanov and Ksey Kseych in “The Provocation” and Barro in Fokin’s “Arto and his Double”. These were outstanding and surprising performances.

  Knyazev stated to work in the cinema later than others, but he is working in it very actively today. He already played in over 30 films and serials. One of his major parts was in the serial “The Fifth Angel” (2002). Director Vera Storozheva, who worked with Knayzev in the film “A Journey With Domestic Animals”, invented for him a special character in her next film. Another project he is about to finish is the title part in “Wolf Messing” - a film about the mysterious hypnotist of the Soviet era.
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   Evgeny Knyazev is a well-recognized actor who is very much in demand. He was awarded the State Prize and the title of People’s Artiste of Russia. However, his profession is not everything for him. He is married, with 2 daughters, and he says that he treasures his family above all in his life.
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