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hero. He had a profile like on a coin, was very expressive and showed a powerful temperament.

  In 1985 Simonov directed The Three Ages of Casanova. He combined three plays by Russian poetess Marina Tsvetaeva in one, making up a new title. Knyazev played the young Casanova, while Vasily Lanovoy played the mature, and Yury Yakovlev - the old Casanova. Knyazev learned a lot from such eminent stage partners.

  The public loved this performance. The play was long and every time it received a standing ovation in the end. Later on, Knyazev got the part of Don Juan in Pushkins Little Tragedies. However, the times were changing. The high style was becoming a thing of the past and Knyazev had turned to the part of cocaine-addicted Count Obolyaninov, which demonstrated his ability to play characters in deeply dramatic situations. G.Chernyahovsky, who directed Zoykas Flat, put up a performance about people who were unable to give up their old ways and to find a new role for themselves in modern times.

  In 1992, Knyazev met famous theatre director Petr Fomenko,  who  was  staging  The Trial by Sukhovo -
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Kobylin, in which the actor got the part played of clerkShilo. The part was small, but it led to further joint work which became very important for both in terms of creativity and their personal relations . Knyazev played in all major performances directed by Fomenko. In 1993, he played the part of Neznamov in Ostrovskys Guilty Without Guilt, for which he received the State Prize; in 1996 the pat of Germann in Pushkins The Queen of Spades; in 1999 the part of Ashill in St. Anthonys Miracle. These were the major stages of the actors life work. Petr Fomenko became his mentor.

  However, Fomenko went to set up his own theatre. New plays were staged at Knyazevs home stage the Vakhtangov Theatre, but he was not satisfied with them. This was the time of self-search. Two Moscow theatres offered him places, but he refused. In the end, he remained true to his old Vakhtangov Theatre.

  In 1999, director S. Golomazov staged the play The Homage to Eve. He reworked the play in many ways and put up an elegant story about the passionate and  the  compassionate aspects
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